MJB Welding has been the industry leader in welding equipment, supplies and training throughout Northern California since our inception in 1978. Our staff has hundreds of combined years experience in the welding industry. From the home hobbyist to the largest manufacturers our clients depend on our knowledge to make sure that they are using the proper machinery, electrode, and technique to accomplish their welding goals.

Here is how we make sure that your welding application is effective, successful, and profitable:

  1. We help you select the proper equipment for the job. Our factory trained staff is extremely knowledgeable in all welding procedures (GTAW, GMAW, SMAW, FCAW, SAW, etc)
  2. We utilize our demonstration lab to show the latest technologies to our clients so they can get a feel for what technology can do for them. We use our demo lab or your facility to train customers on whatever equipment they purchase.
  3. We help you select the correct filler material and gas for whatever project you are working on and demonstrate its use for your particular application. Not only are we experts in the machinery but we are also experts in applications.
  4. We have trained salesman in the field of CNC cutting, as well as robotic applications. We’ve helped many industry leaders to apply the proper automation to meet their goals.